Open Me Up published by Dorling Kindersley

publication date: Dec 3, 2009
author/source: Anne Coates
Open Me UpDorling Kindersley is rightly famed for the high quality of their illustrated books whether for adults or children. Open Me Up is no exception.

There are eight sections ranging from Being Human an Moving Frameworks to Fuelling Your Body and Malfunctions and Medicine giving the lowdown on cells, and senses, brain structure - almost everything you need to know about the human body.

There's also information on the history of medicine and body science from Hippocrates to the Human Genome Project. The layouts are, as usual, colourful and eyecatching. My only criticism would be that some fo the information – for instance in Super Cells – is written in capital letters for no obvious reason.

Open Me Up is a great reference book that's fun to dip in and out of and a witty and comprehensive guide that would be a great help for school projects and biology homework.

Open Me Up is available from Amazon. To order a copy click the link below:

Open Me Up: Everything you need to know about the human Body (Dk)