Elizabeth's Daughter skincare range for young skin

publication date: Aug 22, 2008
author/source: Olivia Coates

Daily Moisturiser £21/150ml
This moisturiser is light and absorbs easily into the skin. With ingredients such as rice bran and sesame seed oils, which are rich sources of Vitamin E, and its natural antioxidants, this Daily Moisturiser promotes a fresh and natural way to rejuvenate your skin. 

All Elizabeth’s Daughter products are at least 90 per cent natural, containing no parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals, and are produced to an ethical policy.

The shea-butter and pumkin seed combination left my skin feeling smooth, thoroughly moisturised, repaired and protected, leaving my skin and face feeling soothed. In the past I have had troubles with my skin, leaving my face red and itchy in places. This moisturiser has helped ease the redness and has left my skin in a much better condition and as it is so natural that it can even be used on the most delicate of faces.

This cream is perfect for young skin, with its easy absorption enabling make-up to be applied straightaway, letting me get on with my busy life!

Bath and Shower Wash £16/150ml
This foamy body wash can be used in the shower to awaken are revive your skin, with a pleasant and pure fragrance, leaving you feeling fresh and revived. This product by Elizabeth’s Daughter is again so pure and natural that it can be used to cleanse the face also.

According to the packaging, the natural cleaning products, such as water lily extract helps to protect the skin, but also leaves it moisturised and nourished. Pearl extract is a marine complex, used in combination with sea mineral water, benefits the skin by providing its mineral and amino acid needs, and are also known to improve the metabolism and protect again the damaging effects of the environment. 

I was impressed at how this wash did not leave my face feeling dry or stiff after use, as lots of products tend to do, and at how easily it removed make-up.

Adding a small amount of this product to a bath creates a relaxing environment, where I let the aroma wash over me, aiding my aches from a busy night working in a pub to vanish.

I cannot wait to try more of these products as I feel they are exactly right for young skin and teens who are always in a rush!

The Elizabeth's Daughter range is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols stores and online at