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Messy Goes to Okido – CBeebies

publication date: Oct 7, 2015
author/source: Yvette Henlon

Yvette Helon and family at Messy

The red carpet was rolled out for the Messy goes to Okido celebration and special screening party The event was a real hit with Victoria and Beatrice, who enjoyed the day very much. Oddly, I am happy to admit, my husband and I had a blast.

Messy goes to Okido is the newest sensational children show on CBeebies. Messy is a blue fun loving monster who goes to Okido to meet his two best friends Zoe and Felix and to find the answers to all question a curious three to five year old child might want to know. Together with Zim, Zam and Zoom, they go on amazing adventures in their quest. 

The event was fantastic with wonderful music by Salute les copains. We all had fun dancing to the music especially, two year old Beatrice, who surprised us by dancing precisely to the beat. We had fun dressing up for the photo booth, taking lots of fancy photos.

There were lots of activities to entertain the kids such as drawing and numerous creative activities from Okido. Messy goes to Okido books as well as Okido magazines were available to purchase before they were even available in the shops. Additionally, there were even free issues of Okido signed prints from Okido Studio available to buy.

We watched avidly, the numerous screenings of current episodes of Messy goes to Okido. The girls eagerly waited for Messy to say his favourite catch phrase, “Let’s Ski-doodle oki-doodle!”. It was lovely to watch, they looked so happy. 

We were introduced to one of the creators of Messy, Ms Rachel Ortas, who was a joy to meet. Messy goes to Okido is a fantastic, educational children show which my two sweethearts adore. We are now Messy’s number fans.

Join Messy goes to Okido every week day at 4:20pm on CBeebies.