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Around the World in 50 Ways by Dan Smith and illustrated by Frances Castle

publication date: Feb 23, 2018
author/source: Anne Coates

Around the World in 50 Ways Lonely Planet KidsAround the World in 50 Ways – Canoe, Camel or Cable Car ... immediately attracts the eye and Harriet couldn't wait to open it.

The book begins in London – appropriate for us as it's where we live – and offers a glimpse into what the city has to offer. From there the reader can choose to travel be train, coach or boat (travel times are given) with a page to turn to and so the adventure begins.

Each destination is illustrated in bold colours and gives the reader the opportunity to explore and discover the world via all sorts of transport from tuk-tuks and sleds, to steamboats and hot-air balloons via road, rail, water or air. And once they’ve selected a route, they will learn a few amazing facts about their destination. With over 20 possible routes, who knows where they'll end up? From Wellington, New Zealand to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, the world is the reader's oyster.

One of the major reasons to buy this book is that it encourages conversation and interaction between young readers and adults, plus they may be to go on and look up the destinations that have intrigued them. 

The concept is fun and innovative. My only reservation about this engaging book is that everything is written in capitals – one of my pet hates. Children need to see where capital letters are appropriate and where lower case should be used – a missed opportunity in Around the World in 50 Ways. It would also have been useful to have an index of places to visit but perhaps that would spoil the surprise.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥

Published by Lonely Planet Kids, written by Dan Smith and illustrated by Frances Castle Around the World in 50 Ways (Lonely Planet Kids) is available from Amazon and book shops.