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Danger Mouse Merry Christmouse

publication date: Nov 7, 2016
author/source: Anne Coates

 Danger Mouse Merry ChristmouseI hadn't realised that Harriet was such a Danger Mouse fan. She was eager to view the new DVD and loved explaining situations and characters to me.

Danger Mouse Merry Christmouse features a special Christmas themed double length episode  The Snowman Cometh – in which Danger Mouse and Penfold are tasked with protecting Santa from the villainous clutches of the festive season destroying Snowman. The embarrassingly inept villain kidnaps Father Christmas and Danger Mouse and Penfold’s attempts to thwart the Snowman end in disaster with the villain super powered by Christmas spirit and Santa’s hat!  

In a whirlwind of bah and humbug the Snowman sabotages the festive holiday and threatens to destroy the world by freezing the sun.  Danger Mouse must lead an army of elves and a rejuvenated Santa to battle the Snowman and melt his evil plans.       

There are six other episodes: 

  • Sinistermouse
  • There’s No Place Like Greenback
  • Happy Boom Day!
  • Frankensquack’s Monster
  • Escape From Big Head
  • Megahurtz Attacks

Each one had Harriet laughing out loud, squelaing with delight and thoroughly enjoying herself. We watched from start to finish, but these gems are perfect to watch singly for some wind-down time.

Danger Mouse (Alexander Armstrong) and Penfold (Kevin Eldon) work together to save the world, the alternate universe and Willesden Green. The two best friends take on all new, death defying, secret missions from deep in their hidden London location, beneath the post box, set by cool-headed Colonel K (Stephen Fry), the Head of the British Secret Service. Dave Lamb brings his uniquely sardonic wit to the series in the role of "The Narrator". 

Perfect stocking-filler or pre-Christmas treat to get into the festive mood.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Danger Mouse: Merry Christmouse [DVD] is available from Amazon and to download.