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Foxy Pants Competition Winners

publication date: Nov 5, 2018

Foxy pants from Drumond ParkParenting Without Tears teamed up with Drumond Park to offer readers the chance of winning their brand new table-top game, Foxy Pants.

The correct answer to our question as to who starts the game is "the player who gives the best chicken impression goes first". This is a fast and furious game guaranteed to get each member of  the family racing to be the first to fill their chicken coop.

Here are our Foxy Pants competition winners:

  • Katherine Comer, Wirral
  • David Nicolson, Stornoway
  • Marion Gold, Nottingham
  • Corinne Harvey, Stole on Trent
  • Mark Bradbury, Plymouth

Our thanks to Drumond Park for sponsoring this competition.