Spa treatments at Hotel Wiesenhof

publication date: Apr 19, 2012
author/source: Anne Coates
Hotel Wiesenhof pool
The whole ethos of the Hotel Wiesenhof focuses on health and wellbeing for all the family. Situated as it is by the beautiful Lake Achensee and surrounded by spectacular mountains, nature is there for all to appreciate - as well as a huge range of sports and activities, both summer and winter.

Within the hotel, the Karwendel Spa and swimming pool are located on the first floor to make maximum use of natural light (and fabulous scenry!).The Spa offers a range of therapies and beauty treatments guaranteed to relax and de-stress.

Sound lounger

The first treatment I had was the sound lounger. Stretched out on a wooden bed, you close your eyes and drift away to the sound of strings being played under the bed by your therapist. These sounds are said to link us to the earth's vibrations and bring harmony to the body. It is a beautiful experience and is unique to Hotel Wiesenhof.

Tyrolean Alpine hay bath

I was recommended to take the Tyrolean Alpine hay bath in the morning before lunch to maximise the therapy's ability to detox and stimulate your metabolism. This was an amazing experience: lying on a bed of hot hay (there was a sheet between me and the hay) then having hay placed on top of you and being wrapped up. The bed is then switched to "relax" mode and you are left suspended as though on a water-bed. Some 20 minutes later you are "unwound" and shower off. Then relax some more wherever you choose.

Tyrolean shale oil vitality bath

This is another 20 minute therapy designed to refresh and revitalise. The wooden bath is filled with water (as hot as you like) and the shale oil which is black so looks rather weird under the snowy white bubbles! The bath is big enough for two people so couples can enjoy this together if they wish.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
  • Shale oil is a product of the region which is used in many toiletries – you will find shale oil body lotion, shampoo and condition and shower gel in your hotel bathroom. You can also buy them from the hotel gift shop and they are the same price as in the local supermarket.
  • There is also a museum in Pertisau which is worth a visit (5€ 50 children under 12 free).
  • The Karwendel Spa is open to non-guests; for information contact Hotel Wiesenhof.