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Make Time 2 Play

publication date: Jan 20, 2015

Make Time 2 Play campaign

At the London Toy Fair the Make Time 2 Play campaign, run by the British Toy & Hobby Association launched five play principles to ask politicians, in the lead up to the elections, to consider the importance of play for the healthy development of children.

The Make Time 2 Play Principles express the value of play across the policy landscape:

  • Every child needs space and time to play
  • Active play can help children keep healthy
  • Play-based learning adds educational opportunities at all ages
  • Safe places to play are good for families and good for communities
  • Children develop important life skills through play

Natasha Crookes, Director of Communication for the British Toy & Hobby Association, that runs the campaign, commented, “You can see the fun and enjoyment that children get from play and that should be the key driver for encouraging playtime. However behind all that fun children are developing the skills they will need for life. We are asking today that the political parties affirm the importance of play in the social fabric of family lives and the role that it has in getting children fit, aiding in education and making sure that there is time and place for play in our busy modern lives.”

Play is widely accepted to have huge value in developing children’s:

  • social skills,
  • fitness levels,
  • communication skills,
  • creativity and imagination
  • as well as teaching children about boundaries and risk.

The Make Time 2 Play campaign highlights the importance of play in children’s lives, giving parents free play ideas that can be easily slotted in to busy schedules. The messages are promoted using primary research from academics and parents, free adverts donated by children’s broadcasters, and through a website, social media and free play ideas app.