So Slime Tie & Dye Washing Machine

publication date: Jun 17, 2020
author/source: Anne Coates


So Slime Tie & Dye is Canal Toys first venture into the fiercely competitive ready-made slime market. This new concept was inspired by the tie & dye fashion wear and allows for colourful spiralling effects unique to this style.


So Slime Tie & Dye is an innovative new range that includes a deluxe spinning washing machine, medium kit and single pack with everything you need to create crazy scented slime designs. 

So Slime Tie & Dye Washing Machine

Get ready for something completely different in slime. Mix up your slime in the cute mini washing machine, add in the scented colourants, shut the door and watch your Tie & Dye Washing Machine spin to make the ready-made slime change in front of your eyes. When the time is up, open the door, pour the slime into the basket, then hang it out to dry on the rack to be amazed by the awesome new tie dye patterns throughout your slime! Doing your laundry will never be the same again.

This set contains: 

  • 1 Washing Machine
  • 1 Drying Rack
  • Ready Made Clear Slime
  • Colourants 
  • Plastic gloves

Harriet couldn't wait to get started and fortunately had the required batteries available (batteries not included). It worked just as it says on the box but sadly one of the dye containers had leaked.

Harriet is a Slime connoisseur and and was delighted with the results. She pointed out that the colours do fade with time but then she can get out that washing machine and start again!

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥

So Slime SSC 134 Washing Machine from Canal Toys is available from Amazon and toy retailers.