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Planning a stress-free Christmas

publication date: Dec 1, 2010
author/source: Anne Coates
  1. christmas crackerBuy and write your Christmas cards early - especially nice to include a photo of your child/children for friends and relatives you don't see often.
  2. Set a budget and try not to overspend. Look our for voucher codes and special offers on gifts you want to buy and if you make presents if you can - for example bake a Christmas cake for someone who doesn't like cooking.
  3. Plan your menus and shop accordingly. Plus stock up on a few standby items you might need for unexpected guests.
  4. Go on festive outings that don't cost a lot - a Christingle or carol concert at the local church, a walk in the park (especially if there's snow around) or a family swim at the local pool to work of some of the excitement and energy.
  5. Buy a supply of batteries in different sized for toys that might need them.
  6. Make sure you have adequate supplies of prescription medications needed in the family and stock your first aid box with OTC preparations like indigestion tablets and analgesics.
  7. Wrap presents early - there's nothing worse that sitting up to all hours on Christmas Eve. Believe me I've been there!
  8. Don't lose yourself in the kitchen if you are doing the hosting, . Accept offers of help gracefully and try to laugh off any calamities. My sister once dropped the turkey on the floor but no one was the wiser!
  9. Keep a note of who sent what when your children are opening presents  so you or the children if they are old enough can write appropriate thank you letters.
  10. Try to spend as much time with your child/children as possible. Your loving attention is more important than a mound of presents.