Hands First - a "revolutionary new hand care range"

publication date: May 26, 2008
author/source: Fiona Jack + Ann Lloyd

Hands First Invisible Gloves - Fiona
I have been using handcream before going to my allotment where I have been doing lots of planting, so hands in wet earth for considerable amounts of time!

I am very impressed with this Dry Feel Barrier Cream. It is easy to use, absorbs readily and has no perfume and hands feel soft once applied.
Whilst working the allotment my hands felt protected and I did not experience the usual dry “dive for the handcream” sensation I often have.

My hands washed clean very easily afterwards with very little ground-in dirt despite some heavy gardening. Underneath my nails and around my nail-beds remained caked with earth after a handwash but came clean very easily with a quick scrub with a nail brush. My hands felt as though they had been protected and were hydrated and not un their usual state of uncomfortable dryness after a couple of hours gardening. Great product

Hands First, Power Scrub+ & Moisturiser - Ann
A wonderful product that I would highly recommend!! When I first used this scrub, it felt strange and gritty and I had very dirty hands covered in soil from a session on the allotment.  The result was truly amazing as my hands were incredibly clean compared to what they normally would be from using soap and water.

Each time I use it, the results are the same and the scrub is very effective. The unexpected bonus is that compared to other scrubs which I use in my work as a nurse, this does not make your hands dry and in fact the skin is much softer after use. This scrub performs well as not only a cleansing solution but also as a moisturiser and therefore using hand cream is unnecessary. This is a very handy solution to have by the wash-basin and I shall encourage the rest of the family to also use for those very dirty hands.

Price and availability

The products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Hands First Dry Feel Barrier Cream £7.99/125ml

Hands First Power Scrub+ & Moisturiser £5.99/225ml

Available online from, Lakelands (Power Scrub+ & Moisturiser only), independent pharmacies and