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Top tips for healthy summer hair by Leo Bancroft

publication date: Jul 6, 2012
author/source: Leo Bancroft
Leo BancroftGet hair trimmed and pre-treat

It is so important to have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. It removes dead ends, and gives the hair a real lift. It won't make hair grow quicker – that's an old wive's tale - but it will make your hair look fabulous and stop the ends breaking off! The sun really dries the hair so use LEOBANCROFT Ultimately Intense Moisture Mask before, during and after your holiday to keep the condition at an optimum. Also, try and cover your hair with hats and scarves to stop direct damage as you would with your skin.

Shampoo less often

Try not to wash your hair daily as it really dries it out and strips it of natural oils. This happens more in the summer as the hair is naturally dry with the heat and sun. Once every second day is more than enough, and using a good quality brush like The Classic from my new range will evenly distribute the hair's natural oils throughout the length of the hair to naturally condition all over.

Avoid harsh hair dyes
Hair colour has come a long way in the past few years and colouring your hair no longer means damaging it. Lightening your hair however will always weaken it a little so building the strength with the signature product from my line, LEOBANCROFT Ultimately Intense Moisture Mask is vital. You can also give your hair a break from colour by having a glossing treatment, which will give amazing shine without actually having it coloured.

Pack dry shampoo

Sometimes on holiday we need an instant fix so we can spend more time in the sun. It is normal to touch your hair throughout the day, and any trace of sun cream on your hands and your hair will tend to make it a little greasier. LEOBANCROFT Rapidly Revived Dry Shampoo is the perfect quick fix and also helps for a perfect holiday daytime up do.

Time to shine
Everything looks better in the sun! So add some serious extra WOW with LEOBANCROFT
Gloriously Glossy Shine Spray and Instantly Sleek Serum to give your hair the perfect holiday finish.

Drink and eat well

People often forget that hair is an extension of the body and is just as important as your skin and bones! Whatever you put into your body will have an effect on your hair so making sure you're eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of water to keep the hair from drying out. Alcohol can dehydrate the hair and leave it looking lifeless and dull so as always, it's best in moderation! Adding a zinc supplement to your diet will also boost the strength and thickness of your hair.

LEOBANCROFT hair products

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