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publication date: Sep 17, 2018
author/source: Jenny Mowat

Power Dry.meBestselling Canadian brand Design.ME Hair has launched a brand-new beauty saviour into the UK. PowerDry.ME is a clever spray that decreases drying time thanks to a specially formed micro-emulsion which coats hair fibres, while controlling frizz, offering heat and UV protection and smoothing and conditioning lacklustre locks.

Blow drying my hair is quite a luxury as I’ve got quite thick long hair that’s takes an age to dry. To be honest my hair is lucky if it gets a quick towel dry! 

I have to be honest, I was dubious at first about the spray’s claim to cut your hair drying time by 50 per cent. After running a few mini experiments of blow drying my hair without and with the product I have to say that it’s definitely decreased the amount of time if takes to dry my hair. Now it’s not quite 50 per cent, probably closer to 35-40 per cent but as a busy mum of two I’ll deffinitetly take that time reduction! 

It comes in lovely packaging and is very easy to apply through the spray nozzle. You deffinitely need to apply all over your hair to ensure you reap the full benefits and then make sure the hair dryer comes across all the areas you have sprayed to avoid any residue

Spray remaining. Once you have ensure that you have blow dried every part that you have sprayed you are left with a very salon feel finish – which is certainly an added and much appreciated bonus of the product.  

So I found it’s not quite a 50 per cent reduction in hair drying time, but considering it gets very close to this and the finish is a lot sleeker than any look I’ve achieved on my own, I would deffinitely give it the thumbs up. 

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Available now from Sally Beauty stores, and online at www.sallybeauty.com