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Ten top tips for novice skiers

publication date: Jan 20, 2012
  1. Ski Republic logoSofa surfing : Book your ski equipment hire online from your sofa and your skis and boots will be ready and waiting for you on arrival – you only have to try the boots on! There’s no need to book ski hire via your tour operator, better deals can be found online, check out Ski Republic's "two for one" ski hire offer.
  1. The first resort: When choosing your first ski resort think about what you want to do, your party size and how it’s made up. Ski resorts market themselves according to ski standard, what to do when not skiing, and the level of non-ski and après ski facilities. 
  1. Fit, not fat: Fit in some exercise before you fly, everything will hurt anyway, but give yourself a fighting chance with a few visits to the local sports centre. Once on the piste, try stretches, a few arm and ankle rotations and remember to stretch out afterwards too.
  1. To pack, or not to pack: There really is no need to take tea-bags and Marmite and you won’t need books, unless your bed end is wobbly. Fill your case with warm layers, hats, watertight shoes and boots (heels are not cool).
  1. Putting the boot in: Ski boots are the most important part of your ski equipment, they transfer your movements to your skis and must be snug (not cramped), warm and dry. If they don’t feel right, take them back. Ski Republic’s expert fitters will try to get it right every time, but will freely exchange them, while warming racks and anti-microbial boot liners keep boots comfortable and odour free. 
  1. Functionality, not fashion:  Don’t be poser on the piste, go for practical, brand-name ski wear; warmth and comfort are paramount.
  1. Layer up: Wear layers rather than thick woollies as thin layers of fabric trap air between them and it’s the warm air that insulates.
  1. Look after the extremities: A good pair of ski socks is essential, they have padding in all the right places and will make the difference between a good day or sore feet. Ditto for ski gloves, don’t skimp, cold equals miserable.
  1. Safe skiing: Always, always keep within your limits and your ability and always wear a ski helmet, Ski Republic loan them free with every ski and snowboard set hired.
  1. Polite skiing: The skier in front of you always has the right of way. Whether you’re crossing a slope, turning or stopping, it is your responsibility to avoid him!

With Ski Republic you can pre-book all ski and snowboard equipment online in advance. Equipment will be ready and waiting on arrival in resort, everything will have been prepared in advance from the online booking and all that remains is to try the boots, make any final adjustments and it’s off to the piste.They have hire shops in the French Alps and in the Pyrenees (including Andorra).

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