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Why I love Netflix

publication date: Jan 16, 2016
author/source: Sam Lockwood

Netflix viewingI will happily explain to most people that I prefer being outdoors exploring or reading to sitting down and watching TV, but for whatever reason I can't give up Netflix now. It's so easy to browse and find the programmes you want, over a variety of devices, that when it is time to watch TV I wouldn't even consider looking elsewhere for content to view.

Whether watching in bed on my laptop, or streaming to my TV, I have never found there to be any lags with the service, and have always received a good stream – something that can't be said for many other online services.

As well as at home through a broadband connection, I have also had far more success from streaming Netflix from my smart phone than any other services. The quality of the stream is always good at 1080p – and they are the only service I know of to also give you the option for 4k streaming as well (although this isn't something I have tried, given my lack of 4k devices it seemed useless spending more money on this offering). 

The selection of programmes on offer is second to none, and contains content from all of the major UK broadcasting companies so you have a good spread of it too. Not only do they have content from a wide variety of production houses, but in recent years they have added a whole host of programming that are exclusive to Netflix. These have shown to be more than a gimmick, with many of the programmes having been reviewed very highly.

The popularity of the service helps them generate the best content possible, as they have huge amounts of feedback immediately, and they also know things that are most likely to appeal to certain crowds. This also means that they learn from what programmes you watch, and are able to suggest (fairly accurately) other programmes that you may enjoy watching.

This isn't an Orwellian Big Brother institution, but instead it is the future of entertainment.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Subscriptions to Netflix can be cancelled at any time and they offer the first month for free.