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Your Breakfast Sugar Levels

publication date: Feb 8, 2017

As the Government introduces its new sugar tax, eating sweet is currently a hot topic for pressured parents and busy commuters. So how much sugar should you eat, and where do the hidden sugars lie? 

As NHS guidance notes that a high sugar diet can contribute to obesity and lead to an increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke, a new infographic has been released revealing the sugar content in your favourite breakfast foods.

The graphic, from AXA PPP healthcare reveals that many Brits could be consuming half a dozen sugar cubes each morning, with those stopping for a large Caramel Macchiato with vanilla syrup and skimmed milk drinking an astonishing 14 sugar cubes in one sitting.

The healthcare provider suggests eating no more than 30g of sugar per day (for those 11 and over) for a healthy, balanced diet, and looking at the wider nutritional value of foods (eg fat content) in addition to sugar. 

Breakfast sugar levels